- 1 to 1800 -
My habaneros have grown pesticide- free with natural fertilizers.
1800 habaneros are growing in our farm every year.
This amounts is the limit of work that I can enjoy.
Because I want to do all the job of
'Mellow Habanero'.

I got only one habanero from my friend in 2002.
I was very fascinated.
First, fragrance such as flowers and fruity sweetness came and then my head started to float because of its very hot and spicy taste.

I preserved seeds and increased the number of the habanero every year.
I wanted to see a lot of habaneros grow in the field.
But I did not know the work of farming.
Because I lived in concrete jungle of Tokyo.
I made an effort. This wish came true!

- Making the Hot sauce -
I began to study and make the various blends of the habanero hot sauce for myself and friends.

It pleased everyone...
I selected a bottle and designed the label.
Built a small factory and got permission.
This was also my favorite part of work to establish.

- 2005 -
At first sale it was only one type of 'Mild'.
- 2006 -
Spicy love customers to escalate. Start selling 'Extra'.
- 2008 -
Escalate further. Start selling 'Heaven'.
- 2013 -
Start selling 'Smoky'.
- 2016 -
Start selling 'Rich Sesame Hot Paste'.

- To now -
I don't want to sell in 'BIG' stores. I
chose to sell only my favorite lovely stores and lovely cafes at the world.
I will continue to make solely specialty artisan habanero hot sauce.
If you want please try my hot sauce.

- Habanero Man -

My name is Taku Kondo (Born 1973).
Born and raised in Tokyo.
I was clever children :) studying for the entrance examination of highest-level junior high school.
But because my parents divorced,
I no longer took entrance examination.
After that I enjoyed playing every day!
As a result, I was able to develop myself very individuality!

I loved the spicy food and TABASCO from childhood.
Then I became an adult.
I started a small mobile food truck curry shop, at the center of Tokyo.
Made a daily special curry with original recipe.
Distributed flyers in front of the Shibuya station to people commuting.
Many customers began to line up for my curry.
Interviewed by the magazine, also received the TV shooting.

We moved from Tokyo to Ishigaki-Island in Okinawa in 2001.
Seeking natural living and wonderful nature.
My curry car was handed over to my friend.

We built a house in the subtropical jungle.
Cooked meals with firewood, drank the water of the creek.
We enjoyed a primitive life that had been longing since childhood.

But endless summer vacation gradually reduced its fun.
At this time I got one habanero from my friend.
These three years were very valuable for me and my family.
Then we moved to the larger field for habaneros.
"Move to Sasayama-city!"

"I hope send them to around the world!
And I hope to make the loved hot sauces from people of the world. by the good foodstuffs"
Taku "HabanaeroMan" Kondo

Company name ta-nm farm,LLC.
Responsible person Taku Kondo
Address 2F, 2-6-10 Miyakojimahondori Miyakojimaku Osaka 534-0021 Japan.
E-mail hello"at mark"mellowhabanero.com